Ken Heineman
on "The Ewing Family of Ohio"


A copy of the slides to his presentation for reference while listening to this recording is available by clicking HERE.

Summary of Presentation:
Dr. Heineman discusses the foster family that raised and supported the young man who would become "General William T. Sherman." Although lost in the historical shadow cast by their foster son, it was the Ewing family who raised him, got him into West Point, and provided him with the financial resources and political connections to succeed in war. 

The patriarch, Thomas Ewing, counseled presidents and clashed with radical abolitionists and southern secessionists leading to the Civil War. Three Ewing sons became Union generals, served with distinction at Antietam and Vicksburg, marched through Georgia, and fought guerillas in Missouri. The Ewing family stood at the center of the Northern debate over emancipation, fought for the soul of the Republican Party, and waged total war against the South.

This history is also discussed in Dr. Heineman's book, Civil War Dynasty: The Ewing Family of Ohio, which brings to life this drama of political intrigue and military valor.  It is a military, political, religious, and family history, told against the backdrop of disunion, war, violence, and grief. 


Dr. Heineman spent 18 years at Ohio University Lancaster working in Sherman's hometown.  Every morning after he would drop off his kids at school, he would sit at Four Reasons and stare at the Sherman mural downtown.  "There was always this presence," said Heineman "but the Ewing Mansion was just up the hill on Main Street and the more he started looking into the Ewings, the more he realized there was a story here, a great story."

Dr. Heineman is now a professor of history and department chair at Angelo State University in Texas. His areas of specialization include United States social and political history in the 20th century; American immigration; urban, labor and religious history; and social movements.

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